Avaleht Scandic loghouses

Scandic loghouses

JANSA OÜ is representing authentic Scandinavian log houses based on modern tehnology. Produced with CNC tehnology, but still remaining old scandinavian building traditions.

Scandinavian log houses – combined old Norwegian traditions and modern technology – so-called NORWEGIAN MACHINE LOGHOUSES.

Modern CNC technology is used for the production of logparts, which ensures the highest precision and quality of the product. At the same time, the authentic Norwegian traditional building tradition is preserved.

The offered log thickness is 200 mm.

There are 3 different log profiles to choose from: Regular, Original, Ascetical (with wind tooth)

One detail makes it special – the heights of the logs used in the wall are different (240-340mm) – the log wall looks like it was built by handmade

In addition, the CNC machine cuts all the necessary grooves for slats, rafters, lists and also drills holes for electrical cables inside the logs and holes for switch sockets on the sides of the log. In addition, all kinds of arches, curves, round and polygonal openings.

In logpart delivery kit contains wooden material for roofconstruction (rafters, beams, slats).
Logpart is produced according to your idea and vision. Also designing-drawing by us.

The manufacturer has over 20 years of experience and over 800 loghouses delivered to Scandinavian countries. JANSA OÜ is the exclusive representative and distributor in Europe.

Info and ordering:
tel: +372518 6818