Avaleht Good offers

We have a (under construction) handmade log cabin for sale, which would be suitable for a sauna, a cottage, or a smaller house.

Dimensions approx. 5x7m, plus a 3m terrace.
The project is a bit special – namely, the end and inner walls are made of a square log (lafette 230mm, pine) and the side walls are made of a round log (diameter 30+ cm, spruce) – connected to each other with a connection similar to the Norwegian, which needs to be patented.

At the moment, it is still possible to make some changes in the project
In the offer, a logpart with a height of 200mm (the beam between the foundation and the log) +  2800mm logwall with everything you need (wool, buns, tenders, metal) installed on your plot.

PRICE: 17,000 EUR (installing in Estonia)


In addition, you can order:

Second floor structure a) POST+PÄRLIN b) log walls c) frame walls

rafters depending on the construction of the second floor (with pennies or sliding)

architectural project with necessary registration in EHR

Why not celebrate Midsummer in a new special sauna, cottage or cabin

Logpart is located at: JANSA OÜ, Valgjärve, 63419, Kanepi vald, Põlvamaa

phone: +372 5186818
mail: janek@palkehitised.ee